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Xerox ConnectKey Controller

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Multifunction printers that simplify your work.

ConnectKey is software that connects multifunction printers to the way work gets done.

With ConnectKey, you can do much more than just print, scan, fax and copy. You can print from just about anywhere through mobile print capabilities. Also, documents can be scanned directly to cloud services like Google Drive, Evernote and Microsoft Office 365 for storage and collaboration.

You can develop simple applications and embed them on the multifunction printer with easy-to-use tools. For example, a health insurance company can add a feature to its device that allows scanning of reimbursement claims directly into their payment system with just one touch.

IT professionals can manage ConnectKey multifunction printers easily, and make applications more accessible to your workforce – right from the device’s touch screen. Plus, ConnectKey provides a common user interface across multiple devices – making them easy to use.

And, with ConnectKey multifunction printers, your data is secured and protected from malware with security from McAfee.

ConnectKey multifunction printers adapt to the way you work – on the go, virtually and through the cloud – allowing you to focus on what matters: your real business.

Key Benefits


ConnectKey Technology Keeps You Safe

Businesses are getting more connected and that brings increased risks, especially for multifunction printers.

Your MFD  can be accessed by almost anyone on your network who in turn can upload a virus or agent on to the hard drive straight across the network.

If your device has a fax board you are at risk from a hacker dialling in to the fax modem and bridging across to the hard drive where they can upload a digital spy or agent to capture all of your images.

Some devices have a USB port adjacent to the control panel. These USB ports are designed to allow technicians to update the firmware of the MFD or to allow the user to print documents held on a USB thumb drive.

This is another access point for the entering of malicious code.

Until now there has been no anti-virus or whitelisting software for MFD’s. With ConnectKey, you can finally protect your multifunction printers similar to how you protect PCs from viruses and malware, and control access to end points on your network – making your multifunction printer a fully secured network citizen.

McAfee® Embedded Security

Take comfort that only approved, predefined applications, code and files will run on your Xerox multifunction printers – the first in the industry to protect themselves from potential outside threats.

With Xerox ConnectKey™ & ConnectedUK, Xerox is the first company to offer McAfee whitelisting technology for multifunction printers. This means you can:

Get additional, proactive data protection with McAfee® Integrity Control that integrates with your organization’s processes and doesn’t cause access or productivity headaches.

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