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Xerox Software & Solutions for Multifunction Copier Printers

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Xerox ConnectKey Controller

Multifunction printers that simplify your work.

ConnectKey is software that connects multifunction printers to the way work gets done.

You can develop simple applications and embed them on the multifunction printer with easy-to-use tools. For example, a health insurance company can add a feature to its device that allows scanning of reimbursement claims directly into their payment system with just one touch.

Xerox Mobile print

Now printing, when you are mobile, can be simple, convenient and secure from any email-enabled device, such as a smartphone, iPad,® laptop or desktop. There’s no need to download cumbersome drivers, tools or software. With Xerox,® you control how, when and where you print.

The number of workers who aren’t tied to physical desks has drastically increased. Businesses need secure, easy and convenient ways to support their mobile workforce.

Xerox Software Partner Alliance

Xerox EIP is a software platform inside many Xerox MFPs that allows independent software vendors and developers to easily create personalised and customized document management solutions that you can access right from the MFP touch screen. These solutions can leverage your existing infrastructure and databases.

With Connectors for every product imaginable including Microsoft SharePoint, Equitrac, PaperCut

Xerox Print and Auditing Control

Networking your multifunction system boosts productivity, but also raises security questions: who should have access?

How can you account for usage? And how will you keep a lid on costs? One answer is Xerox Standard Accounting.

Another solution is Xerox Secure Access. XSA is a security option for your Xerox advanced multifunction printers (MFPs). It integrates with your existing employee/student ID badge solution.

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