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Xerox Print Audit

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Print Audit Approach

The challenge for any organisation implementing a managed print service is building an accurate picture of the existing printer and MFD fleet from the start.  With our unique skills and training we typically cut down around 60% of the time it takes to collect the data. We professionally map the device locations and key information on every device.

The physical audit is very important is it captures certain information that can only be obtained through an on-site visit. When combined with our electronic  audit we are able to build data not only on usage patterns and volumes but also the physical locations and impact that this has on your staff productivity.

We can capture page counts manually through printing configuration pages and electronically using a remote monitoring SNMP Tool. Using this data we can calculate the peaks and flows of use as well as the average monthly volume for each device.

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Information captured

We evaluate all of the statistical data and combine this with the information we gather by floor walking to build you a complete picture of your print facility.

Using this birds eye view of the data as a discussion document we work with you to design an efficient and cost effective print solution.

The solution encompasses the potential to utilise existing devices to maximise their usable life span and where necessary combines these with new hardware. We seek to understand your business goals and challenges and how we can work together to make workflow improvements to make any solution cost effective and efficient.

A print audit is typically carried out over a time span of four weeks.